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Questions to Ask a Potential Process Server

Choosing a process server is an important decision. In order for your court case to move forward, you need to have accurate and swift delivery of your court papers to the other party in the case. To ensure there are no delays with your case, ask any process server you are considering these questions to make sure they are right for the job.

What Hours Do You Work?

The hours that a process server works could be important. If the other party to your case can only be caught at home or work at specific times, it is important that the process server can meet these demands. A good process server or company has the availability to serve papers at any time of the day or evening, depending on your particular needs. Some process servers only work during business hours, which can make delivery of papers difficult in some cases.

How Do You Find Individuals?

A good process server has many tools at their disposal to find individuals who need to be served. If you know the party’s address or place of employment it can really help to get your papers served quickly. But if you are not sure of where the individual can be found, the tools that the process server uses to find them could become important. They may use online tools, run a skip trace, or troll social media to find them.

What Is Your Success Rate?

Always ask a potential process server about their success rate. If they claim to have a 100 percent success rate, be wary. No one can guarantee service every time. There are some obstacles that simply cannot be overcome in some situations. However, they should have a fairly high rate of success in delivering court papers and documents.

If you have an upcoming court case and need a process server in Ocala, contact us today for more information. Our process servers are very experienced and have a high rate of success. Contact us today to get started.

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