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Why Federal Courts Urge Attorneys Not to Share Login Information

As more and more courts go digital, it has become a common practice for attorneys to share their login information with third party vendors such as private process servers and docket managers. Yet the federal courts in several states, including Arizona, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Missouri, have recently issued notices to attorneys in those states to stop sharing their login information. Here’s why.

Protection of Privacy

Court documents are not the only information available in these court records. There is a lot of personal information and information relating to the case included in the databases. Third party vendors such as private process servers have no need for this information, and disclosing it to them is a violation of many state and federal laws. To protect your client’s privacy and the privacy of all parties, it is important that you do not share your login information.


It is unfortunate and doesn’t happen in every case, but sometimes mistakes in the court record do happen. The information that your vendor could be getting from the database could be in error, delaying services from being performed. In addition, mistakes can be made in uploading court documents, which could mean that what your client’s respondent is receiving during process service may not be accurate. This can lead to many problems with the case.

What You Can Do

Never share your login information to the courts with any third party vendors, even if it seems like the fastest way to get services rendered. Instead, work with a private process server and other vendors that will obtain the information directly from you or your client rather than from the court’s databases.

Our private process servers will never ask you for your court login. In spite of this, we are one of the most accurate private process service companies in the area. If you are interested in using us as your third party vendor, contact us today for more information or to get started.

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