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Challenges Process Servers Face

There are many challenges that process servers face in the course of carrying out their duties. Private process servers have more challenges than sheriff departments for a variety of reasons, but they meet these challenges head on to give you great customer service and accurate and timely serves. Here’s what you need to know about the challenges private process servers face and how they handle them.

Finding Who Doesn’t Want to Be Found

If you have a lawsuit or divorce case that you are trying to move forward with in court, chances are the other party is well aware that a summons is coming. Whether they want to avoid going to court altogether or they just want to make things as difficult for you as possible, these individuals may do everything they can to avoid being served. When people don’t want to be found, that’s when a private process server can really shine. They will learn their schedule and habits so that they can find them and serve them when they least expect it.

Resisting Service

Even once found, private process servers may have to cope with parties refusing service. Although parties cannot refuse service in Florida without criminal charges being filed, it is up to the private process server to make sure that they are able to detain the individual until law enforcement can arrive. They also must be able to protect themselves in case of a violent refusal. Most private process servers are armed when they go about their duties for this reason.

If you are looking for a private process server that will meet these and other challenges head on to get you the results you need to keep your case moving forward, contact us today for more information or to get started.

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