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How Covid-19 is changing the way legal documents are served

Are you worried that you won’t be able to get papers served during the pandemic? While COVID-19 has certainly put a wrench in a lot of civil cases, we are still here operating and providing you with document process services.

But, we also understand the need to keep people safe. So, even though we will still be serving papers, things might look a bit different. Here’s what you need to know.

Masks are recommended by all health organizations

If you will be within 6 feet of someone, you should be wearing a mask at all times. We understand that you might not think about putting on a mask before opening your door, but we will wear a mask to protect you while we are unable to social distance.

Papers might be left in the door or window

Most of the time it is illegal to serve papers by leaving them in the door or window. Although that is still true, a twist on this rule is being employed due to the pandemic. Some people really don’t want to open their doors to strangers because they are worried about contracting the virus. In these cases, the process server can make a physical identification and leave the papers in a prominent place, but only if they see the individual in person and can, without a doubt, identify them as the intended party.

Some cases may still be delayed

The pandemic continues to pose new challenges to service of process, just as it does every other industry and service. Some cases may still be delayed, even if our servers do all they can. Some types of cases will allow alternative methods of service, and others are being more lenient in that regard than in the past.

If you are needing to show that you did your due diligence in notifying the other parties in your case, contact us today for assistance.

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