Ocala (352) 282-0844
Clermont (352) 227-4217
Inverness (352) 270-3212
Spring Hill (352) 608-3001
The Villages (352) 561-3024

Terms & Conditions

If we have yet to do business, we do require pre-payment. Payment can easily be made via the website, check the Tabs at top – look for Payment. If we start to work together on a consistent and regular basis, we can then begin to Invoice you, although pre-payment is still appreciated. If we do extend the courtesy of Invoicing to your office, please note that all Invoices must be paid within 30 days or are subject to administrative late fees. That fee is $5 every 30 days until the Invoice has been satisfied in full.If you mail docs to us, you can include check or money order in mailing.

Ocala Office:
Accurate Serve®
3101 SW 34th Ave
Suite 905, Unit 401
Ocala, FL 34474
Clermont Office:
Accurate Serve®
614 E Hwy 50
Suite 360
Clermont, FL 34711
Inverness Office:
Accurate Serve®
2659 E Gulf to Lake Hwy
Suite 413
Inverness, FL 34453
Spring Hill Office:
Accurate Serve®
14391 Spring Hill Drive
Suite 208
Spring Hill, FL 34609
The Villages Office:
Accurate Serve®
2518 Burnsed Blvd
Suite 329
The Villages, FL 32163

Address & Attempts

Our fee includes up to 4 or more attempts at one given address. If we need to attempt service at an alternate address, there is an alternate address fee, charged at the same rate as our normal fee.

If you pre-pay and then send us a paper to serve but call us back in 5 minutes to cancel, we can refund your money. We will gladly refund your money if we have yet to make a service attempt. However, once we open or knock on that door, that is the moment we reach the Point of No Refund. So, please understand.

We Breathe, Eat, Sleep Process Serving, it’s what we do and what we love. We know we play an important role in the legal process and we’re here to help your case get off to the right start. Please agree to our Terms so we can get the job done for you quickly and accurately.

JP of Atlanta, GA, LLC dba Accurate Serve® of Ocala and it’s franchisor, Winston Honore Holdings, LLC dba Accurate Serve® are released from any liability or claims that may arise out of using this service.

Our Process

So, how many process serving companies do you know that can boast they have 29 offices in Florida? I know one, and I’ll give you a hint. Sounds like Smaccurate Sherve. All joking aside, our bountiful locations allows us to provide in-house service statewide. We do not need to farm our papers out to other companies because we have Accurate Serve offices all over the state. The more offices we have, the better service we can offer and at a lower rate. Our Accurate Serve team are experts in the field. Our state association recognizes certain individuals who are experts in the field and over 20% of those recognized are AS Owners/Operators or Office Managers.

Are you a prospective new client? If so, you probably want to know how quick we serve the papers and the cost. Please, pick up the phone and shoot us a call to discuss the situation/fees. Or, look towards the top of this page and find the Send Work tab. We have specific guidelines our company adheres to to ensure consistency across the board. We are on the timer like those fast food drive-throughs and we all want our numbers to be the lowest. We are here to work for you. Don’t search for another Server, hire us. Don’t try calling around, make one call to the last process Server you’ll ever need – Accurate Serve.


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